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Psychotherapeutic Solutions Ltd

Ethics and Confidentiality

Code of Ethics and Principles of Good Practice

pensive The clinicians are required to abide by their own professional code of ethics and practice. Copies of these can be supplied by your clinicians on request.

In addition,clinicians who as part of Psychotherapeutic Solutions network also adhere to the following three core concepts namely:


All network clinicians are committed to respecting, protecting and preserving the confidentiality of their clients with the following exceptions:

Practitioners are also bound by the requirements of the Data Protection Act (1998) and GDPR.  As part of this legislation, you can access your case notes if required by submitting a written request to your practitioner.


As part of their professional practice, all clinicians are required to discuss their work with a supervisor to ensure that your care and treatment continues to be of high quality. All of this information is discussed in a confidential setting.

Non Discrimination

In line with best practice, Psychotherapeutic Solutions network operates a policy of non discrimination.  The clinicians respect diversity and do not discriminate on the grounds of gender, nationality, sexual preference, ethnic background, race, religion, belief, disability, age or class.

Privacy Policy

Please see our Privacy Policy here