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Psychotherapeutic Solutions Ltd

How we can help you


Mental and emotional wellbeing depends on a delicate balance between the different aspect of our lives and our personal predisposition.

Problems which might compromise this balance can be addressed in an effective and productive manner through the right therapy.

These problems might be directly related to a life event or can be a long standing issues that you are finding hard to overcome.

Some of the issues we can help you with are:

Ways of working

The clinicians are trained in different therapeutic interventions to deal with the various problem you might be facing.

Depending on your problem and its severity, clinicians can offer you:

All of our clinician are trained in evidence based therapies.




The clinicians consulting rooms are located in the following places:

London Bridge, Walthamstow and Sevenoaks.

Clinicians can be accessed via face to face or via Skype.

Skype™  therapy can offer greater flexibility in terms of session times, ideal for people with busy lives and for people living or travelling abroad.